Note: The Branch County Literacy Council is not part of the Branch District Library. They are a separate entity which maintains an office in the Coldwater Branch library building.

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Our Services

We are a non-profit organization. All our services are FREE. Branch County Literacy can help you with reading, writing, math for GED and learning English. Our one-on-one tutoring program will help you meet your goals. You will meet at least an hour a week at a mutual time with a volunteer tutor. ALL TUTORING IS FREE.


Use this checklist to see if you qualify for tutoring:

1. You are 16 years old.

2. You live, work or volunteer in Branch County.

3. You need help with reading, writing, or speaking and understanding English.

4. You would like to get your GED but your math skills need help.

5. You can commit to weekly tutoring sessions for at least six months.

If you checked three of these, you are eligible for tutoring.


To get a tutor, follow these steps:

1. Contact the Literacy Council Director at or call 517-279-9833 to schedule an appointment.

2. Meet with Literacy Council Director to register for a tutor and be tested.

3. Decide with your tutor the best time for both of you to begin tutoring sessions.


Enjoy your success!