Computers at the Bronson Branch

The Branch District Library has a host of computing resources to meet your needs. All our six branches have high-speed Internet access, and all have computers that you may use to browse the Web, work on your resume, or anything else you want to do.

Anyone may use our computers, though a library card or guest pass is required. Sessions start at 30 minutes and will be automatically extended to up to two hours, depending on how busy it is and computer availability. If you need more time for for your task, please ask a librarian.


Our public computers all run Microsoft Windows 10.


There is at least one flatbed scanner and one document scanner at each branch, and all computers have easily-accessible USB ports and headphone jacks. Many public computers have CD/DVD burners, though this technology is less common now and will be phased out at the library eventually. The breakdown of computers available at the branches is as follows:

  • Algansee
    • 3 public computers
  • Bronson
    • 10 public computers
    • 1 library catalog station
    • 1 genealogy computer with microfilm scanner
  • Coldwater
    • 8 public computers for adults
    • 6 public computers for teens
    • 6 public computers for kids
    • 5 library catalog stations
    • 1 genealogy computer with a microfilm scanner
    • 1 computer for genealogy use
  • Quincy
    • 5 public computers
    • 1 library catalog station
    • 1 genealogy computer with microfilm scanner
  • Sherwood
    • 4 public computers
    • 1 library catalog station
  • Union Twp.
    • 9 public computers
    • 1 library catalog station

All of our public computers come with a variety of productivity, education, and entertainment software for you to use, including web browsers, Microsoft Office 2016 and LibreOffice, and more. You may save your work to a USB disk.

To ensure the security and performance of our computers and network, users are not permitted the install software on library computers.

To protect your privacy, all Internet history, cookies, and other session information are deleted at the end of your computer session.

Wireless Internet Access

All library locations have high speed wireless Internet Access for you to use. The library's network is called "Branch Dist. Lib. Public Access". For more information, see our Wireless Internet Help page. To maintain a safe and optimal experience for all users, this access is limited to HTTP and HTTPS web traffic only. As required by law, Internet access at all library branches is filtered to block pornography (see our Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy).


All branches offer double-sided capable color laser printing, as well as black and white. Black and white prints are 15 cents per side, color prints are 25 cents per side. You may print from either library computers or your own portable devices (Coldwater Branch only currently; at all branches soon). Here's how to print from your device.